QUANTULA is a group of companies providing a full range of services in the market of retail lighting. The group includes the following companies: Quantula LLC, Quantula ENGINEERING LLC, ELXLED LLC.

On the territory of Ukraine company operates under the TM ELX LED, in the international markets with TM QUANTULA.

For manufacturing of luminaires Quantula company uses components from its official partners: Phillips, OSRAM and Seoul Semiconductor.

Three basic principles that provided success to Quantula team:


Control of all stages of production, the best components, individual approach to the project, thoroughness during development of each luminaire, the use of high efficiency optics - all this provides highly competitiveness for Quantula luminaires from the point of view of the optimal quality-to-price ratio.

Warranty 5 years for all luminaries Quantula.


A solid portfolio of the implemented projects of high complexity formed the reputation of the experienced and competent professional to Quantula company.

The key retailers and brands in Ukraine are the customers of the company, such as: FOZZY, Silpo, Brocard, АTB, COMFY, Citrus, ALLO, Arber, Budynok Igrashok, LAVINA MALL and more.


Quantulа complex approach to solving the problem - from design and production to delivery, installation and maintenance - significantly reduces the terms of project implementation. Constructability, multifunctionality and mobility of lighting systems give you the ability, if necessary, to quickly reequip any lighting system according to the new conditions and challenges.



The light is important. Color temperature, lighting angle, color reproduction - when working together these peculiarities are able to accentuate and emphasize the advantages of any product. From the simple apple to the precious necklace. To create the mood in any location, be

it a small office or a large shopping center. With the advent of the LED era one of the most valuable advantages at present was added - high energy efficiency at a long service life.

Quantula provides a full range of services: from design and production to installation and services. Each lighting system is projected and "sharpened" specifically for the specifics of the project.

This approach allows you to more effectively emphasize the individuality of the project, whether it is a jewelry store or supermarket, and also significantly shortens its implementation time.

Due to the high demands of our customers and the realization of objects of varying complexity, today Quantula is a company capable of performing a full range of professional lighting services for all market segments from office to large shopping mall.

Our mission is to provide customers with the best combination of efficiency, innovation, quality and price for retailer lighting and office spaces.



We care about the proper management of business processes and the high quality of the products.

Our principles in work:

1. Control of all stages of production and management.

2. Compliance with high standards of quality and safety.


The luminaires Quantula are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the directives and standards of the European Union which allow to mark Quantula products with the CE mark. All luminaires are also certified in Ukraine.


Quantula company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 confirming the high quality standard of quality at all stages of its work.


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