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12 of July, the first Auchan opened in Kiev the new type of store "corner shop".

Today the company has 22 hypermarkets in Ukraine and plans to open several conceptually new convenience stores near the house, in order to get closer to the buyers.

A new concept for the French network under the name "My Auchan" - where modern solutions and services are offered to meet the daily requests of customers.

The assortment of products is unchanged for the trade network: vegetables and fruits, farm products, meat products, cooking, with emphasis on those goods of own trademark Auchan.

The Quantula team carried out works on lighting the supermarket's shopping areas. When implementing lighting solutions, emphasis was placed on the features and differences of the new format. With the help of MAR-S and LINE-C illuminators, was created the atmosphere of a cozy home store, emphasized the naturalness and quality of products, as well as their diversity.

Address of shop: Kiev, ul. Vil'yamsa, 6a


The new Sokrat-Pro floodlight guarantees maximum flexibility with new features:

New design: the projector has a thinner and rounded shape; The conceptual design of the upper part of the luminaire gives the product an individuality.
Perfect balance: thanks to the new design, the product maintains balance regardless of location, which gives it much more freedom when installing and orienting it.
Vertical rotation up to 150 ° for greater flexibility in the direction of light, even above the installation site. Excellent balance ensures the maximum accuracy of the direction of the light beam.
Higher luminous efficacy: due to the use of more efficient and powerful LEDs, the light emission increased by 10%.

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Annual Congress Retail Expo 2017, was held on November 14-15, 2017 in the conference halls "Spielberg" Mercure Kyiv Congress Hotel!

For two days of the Congress there was a rich program consisting of three parallel streams that took place in three separate halls.

• EXPO ZONE - show-room of innovations - technologies, retail space, retail services, retail real estate (HALL1). New retail real estate objects, rekoncepty existing shopping malls, opportunities for the development of the trading network, innovations that bring your companies into an impressive plus and build bridges between the modern buyer and business.

• RETAIL EXPO ACADEMY (HALL 2) - professionals who form the backbone of the Ukrainian retail market, businessmen with many years of experience in the industry.

• HARD TALK: RETAIL TODAY & TOMORROW (NALL 3) - B2B debates, matches, leaders' opinions on the prospects of retail, retail real estate in Ukraine and innovations in the period of global business transformations.

Alexey Scherbina, executive director, QUANTULA, acted in NALL 3 with the report:

Professional commercial light as an effective business tool

You can learn more on the website :

«QANTULA Group»: Light marketing in retail.

Today, the primary concern for the shops, supermarkets and shopping centers is pure emotionality. Architecture, design, lighting and modern technology, all must follow one common goal. An important aspect is the correct implementation of the conceived concept and design. Not the right materials, a bad implementation can "break" the whole idea.

Recently, the role of the correct lighting of the trading hall has become more significant for retail. Previously, the importance of light was taken into account only in the design of shop windows and advertising signs, now the light is regarded as a seller at a sales outlet. This philosophy has already become a marketing dogma for the Western world, for Ukraine sowing science is still new and unexplored. What should be lighting marketing in retail? What mistakes are most often made in the implementation of lighting systems in retail outlets?

To find out all the wisdom of correct lighting for retail and market requirements, we talked with the management of the production and trading company LLC "IC ELECTROLUX", which produces products for Ukraine and international markets.

Continuation of the article here.

 «QANTULA Group»: Light marketing in retail.
Retail & Development Business Expo
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Retail & Development Business Expo

QUANTULA Group took part in the first specialized exhibition of retail and development RDBExpo-2017 in Ukraine. The exhibition took place April 6-7, 2017 in Kiev in the NSC Olimpiyskiy. The exhibition gathered all key representatives of the industry. There were owners and top managers of retail companies, and management companies of the SEC, as well as companies offering effective solutions for retail and development.

Within the framework of this conference, QUANTULA Group presented its new products and solutions for retail under TM ELX LED and TM QUANTULA.

Below are a number of pictures from the Retail & Development Business Expo.

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QUANTULA Group took part in the world's largest international trade exhibition - EuroShop. This exhibition is devoted to retail trade and was traditionally held March 5-9, 2017 in Dusseldorf.

The main themes in EuroShop 2017 were technical solutions and emotional shopping in the store. EuroShop 2017 stressed that the first priority for the stores themselves is pure emotionality. Lighting, architecture, design and modern technology, all must follow one common goal.

At its booth QUANTULA presented the current line and new products of the company. The key advantages of the company's products are technology and quality.

For food retailers, QUANTULA offers a full range of LED lighting, designed to represent the products better of all department stores, including departments of meat, vegetables, fish, bread and delicious. The presented product range allows satisfying the needs and tastes of each customer.

Particular attention is paid to the development of the efficiency of optics and the performance of diodes. The assortment of optics of the company has expanded and allows increasing the number of possible configurations of lighting systems.

The company introduced new lighting fixtures MARS and MARS-LV. These series of luminaires meet the technical requirements and design requirements of Fashion retailers. Fixtures have elegant and minimalist forms, and their technological parameters allow emphasizing color, to improve the perception of materials and fabrics.

All QUANTULA products are produced in different versions, have a wide range of power, the desired color rendition, various types of reflectors. All this allows the company to create emotional lighting in the trading halls.

Technology and design are combined in the entire QUANTULA product line.

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