Food Retail Lighting

Food Retail Lighting

The Quantula group of companies is the leader of the Ukrainian market of lighting solutions for retail and business. The professionalism of the team and modern production technologies provide opportunities for the implementation of projects of any complexity.

The main specialization is solutions for the professional lighting of the commercial real estate, including for segments of food, non-food & fashion retailers, shopping centers, offices and warehouses of different levels.

Quantula Group is a full-cycle trading and manufacturing company, we use the best components for our luminaires. Technical facilities of our production and individual approach to the client, allows us to implement more than one project every day. Thanks to the design, efficiency, and innovation of our products, we have been successfully exporting to dozens of countries for several years already. We cooperate with well-known European retailers LPP, Auchan, Intersport, Lacoste, Pedro Del Hiero (Cortefiel), Terra Nova, Vodafone.

In the Ukrainian market in the professional lighting segment, Quantula takes the leading position. We understand the customers and the tasks they set. Our partners are the leading Ukrainian retailers Silpo, Allo, Citrus, Brocard, BI, Epicenter, Lavina Mall and many others.

Designing and implementing projects for food retailers is more than half the volume of our work. For the concept of food retail, it is important to consider the color, shape, and texture of the highlighted product. For each type of product (meat, fish, bread, cheeses, vegetables, and fruits), luminaires with a certain light temperature and color rendering index are used.

Let's talk about food retail. Our work in the examples of four large and completely different networks:

  • Auchan - European network of hypermarkets,
  • Silpo - supermarkets of the premium segment,
  • Wine Time - the market of wine and delicacies
  • ATB - the discounter.



When the trading network Auchan was looking for a contractor, we immediately knew that we could implement the project at a high level. For the French network - this is the first experience with accent lighting in Ukraine. Complexity in the implementation of the project was the lack of a clear technical task and understanding of the final concept. After agreeing with all the features, subtleties and nuances, we prepared a draft that was approved and implemented. As a result, Quantula Group created an individual lighting concept for Auchan, taking into account the overall design of the store.

In this project, the deadlines were sufficiently shortened, which is why, almost at the same time as the coordination, the lighting was installed and adjusted. For uniform illumination of trade zones and interstellar space, linear LINE luminaires were used. For accent lighting, track lights of the MARS series were used. Quantula has prepared lighting solutions for several trading rooms.

French trading network Auchan, which is represented in Ukraine for more than 10 years, at this stage, actively expands its network with new formats from hypermarkets to a store near the house. Today in Ukraine there are about two dozen Auchan shops.

SilpoSilpo Fozzy Group

Another interesting client of the company Quantula is the leader among retailers in Ukraine Fozzy Group, more than 500 outlets of different formats throughout the country, among them hypermarkets, supermarkets, premium brands and stores near the house.

Supermarkets "Silpo" - the market for the premium segment, the first who began to apply advanced technology in illumining their supermarkets in Ukraine.

Each Silpo is a separate design story. Themes are diverse, from a store in the Japanese style to "Alice in Wonderland."

The team Quantula successfully implemented the concept for each design solution. In such objects, it is important to take into account all the ideas of the designer and with the help of light to successfully implement them.

Depending on the interior of the store, the tracks of the SOCRAT-PRO, SOCRAT-M, MARK series with individual light temperature and spectrum for each product category, CEZAR downlights, and LINE-C line luminaires were used for lighting. In the implementation of projects, a wide variety of specialized optics is used, from optics with narrow to optics with asymmetric angles.

The task is to combine design ideas with the practical side and functions of professional lighting retailers, correctly present the product, direct the customer's attention to it, and reduce energy costs.

Energy efficiency of equipment manufactured by Quantula A ++.

WineTimeGastro-market WineTime

There is the network of gastro-markets, with a wide range of products offered. The entire range of shops - it's own imports from leading companies in Europe and the World. More than 20 years in the Ukrainian business are represented in 14 regions. In the store, there are more than 8 thousand names of wine and delicacies.

The whole concept of the store is built on accent lighting. With the help of tracks luminaries of the MARK series, it was possible to create an atmosphere of an elite delicacy of the market and to emphasize the variety and quality of the products offered. In the lighting of the store, special filters were used for meat, fish, oysters, cheese products and baking.

ATB discounterATB discounter

ATB market is a large Ukrainian discounter, with more than 800 stores throughout the country. A couple of years ago, there have been changes in the format of the store and in recent years, ATB is actively introducing a new concept and design in its stores. Quantula is working on implementing a lighting solution for chain stores within the established budget. The main luminaires that were used in the implementation of projects in the network of ATB - CEZAR-aT, MARS-S, GERA, as well as linear LINE-CL and LINE-C.

Our diversified and long-term experience in the implementation of projects allows us to approach the issue of lighting for business professionally. We understand the importance of correct trade lighting in retail and successfully implement it. Quantula Group provides a full range of services: from design and production to installation and support. Each lighting system is designed individually for each project. Quantula Group provides its partners with the best combination of efficiency, innovation, quality and price in the office and retail market.

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