The new store of the Geox Group has opened in the Lavina Mall in Kyiv. The international network that creates shoes and clothes, the main feature of which is the use of innovative and technological solutions.

Geox is the market leader in Italy in its segment and one of the leading brands in the world in the "International market for casual shoes for life".

The QUANTULA Group implemented the solution for lighting the store network. Here we used two types of luminaries MARS-S and YASON-M. Downlights YASON are located around the perimeter, illuminating both the facade and the goods on the storefront. Accent lights MARS were used to illuminate clothes and shoes inside the store.

The stylish design and professional lighting of the new Geox attract additional attention of buyers to the retail space and makes it stand out among other shops.

MARS-S (106/Track)
Desarrollado KWEB.BIZ