INTERSPORT is a worldwide known Swiss brand, represented in 44 countries. It has been operating in Ukraine for two years and now has more than 20 stores.
The range of proposed goods for sport - about 60000 names, including own trademarks and global brands Nike, Adidas, Puma, Asics.
Quantula has been working with Intersport for a long time. Our team designed and implemented lighting solutions for several stores in various areas and locations.
At the beginning of 2018, Intersport was opened in Kiev's Epicentr with an area of 3000 square meters and ceiling height of 5.8 meters.
For this project, the Quantula team proposed the spotlights MARS-L with a standard reflector and DCmetric for illuminating the areas near the wall. Linear luminaires LINE-C are installed in the warehouse.
With the help of our light, the diversity of goods is emphasized in the best way, with the accent on each of them.
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