Street and industrial lighting

Street and industrial LED fixtures are used to illuminate retail and warehouse premises, household plots, parking lots and park areas. Our experts will help you to understand the features of this type of lighting fixtures, tell you about all the intricacies of their settings and use. This type of lighting is innovative and technologically advanced, allowing to solve the issue of external illumination and lighting of non-residential premises.

The models presented in our catalog are distinguished by their originality and attractiveness, capable of impressing even the most demanding customers in terms of aesthetic appearance. At the same time, we should not forget that street LED LED lighting provides not only high-quality light, but also economical energy consumption. It is one of the primary features that distinguishes our goods from other companies' typical fixtures.

In order to install classic street and industrial lighting, you need a separate place, special equipment and conditions. When you choose to buy lighting fixtures from us, you will be relieved of many concerns because our products are designed to meet the criteria for sealing and insulation, preventing short circuits and electrical difficulties.

Quantula's street and industrial lighting are profitable and easy!

We are happy to help anyone who wants to forget about their difficulties and focus on the beauty and functionality of lighting systems. For over 20 years, we have been producing items in this sector. Many projects have been completed over this time, demonstrating the clients' trust in the company and the high quality of its products..

Our organization offers attractive terms for purchasing our products. A large selection of lighting fixtures will enable you to select the finest solution and create any lighting setting. It will not be difficult for you to purchase a fixture from us because we offer excellent service and competitive pricing. Quantula is a winning combination of high-quality products, employee competency and professionalism, competitive pricing, and happy customers!

An example of a completed project

NZ6_7623One of the recent projects of the QUANTULA Group was the warehouse of the Epicenter group of companies in Kalinovka. Their activities are supported by an extensive logistics system. Logistics center "Kalinovka", with an area of 100 thousand square meters. m, centrally provides 75% of the supply of goods to the shopping centers of the network. A customs terminal is located on its territory, providing a full range of services for customs clearance of goods and vehicles transported across the customs border of Ukraine by road and rail.

We used LINE-R (WP) and Q-STREET-M industrial fixtures to complete the lighting installation. This logistics hub has a variety of facilities, including DIY warehouses, fulfillment warehouses, and mezzanine warehouses.NZ6_7612 As a result, the work ahead of us was not simple. The key challenge was that in order to cover such a broad region, a great number of fixtures had to be produced. There are a lot of rows and racks inside the room. As a result, linear fixtures were the best option.

QUANTULA Group has worked with Epicenter for a long time and is able to properly meet all customer requirements and wishes.

QUANTULA Group has worked with Epicenter for a long time and is able to properly meet all customer requirements and wishes.





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